Organisation of a panel discussion titled 'THIS MATTER OF CULTURE'

Posted on: 29 Jun, 2018

Kathmandu, 29 June 2018:  A panel discussion around the theme of multiculturalism, globalization, migration and connectivity was held today at the Alliance Française de Katmandou.  This discussion was co-organized by Alliance Française, Nepal Economic Forum, and the French Embassy.  

The panelists for this program included:

- Akankshya Tyagi, founder of Social Friendly.

- Alize Biannic, a professional ballet dancer and founder of Solis Performing Arts Company in Nepal

- Sameer Khatiwada, an economist based in ADB, Manila

- Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha, lecturer at Lumbini Buddhish University, a museum and gallery professional working with Nepal Art Council  

The program was moderated by the Chairperson of Nepal Economic Forum, Mr Sujeev Shakya.

French Ambassador Mr Yves Carmona set the scene for the discussions raising the link of between cross cultural relationships and long lasting peace and happiness, importance of cultural identity and striking a balance between protecting cultural identity and enriching it with what other cultures can bring to us.

During the debate,

- Akankshya pointed out how the social media has been more than a platform.  She considered it to be like a “virtual country with integrated communities because it provided people a platform to share their identity.” 

- Swosti stressed on the “difference between modernizing and westernizing”.  For her, “Nepal is like a sand pit which has been absorbing diversity to expand multiculturalism”.

- For Sameer, language was one common thread that formed “part of his identity and culture”.  

- Alize shared her hope of art and culture through which “we could bring many good things to the world.”

About Alliance Française/Katmandou:

Since its creation in 1994, Alliance française of Kathmandu has been providing French language classes within its premises and through the city.  It organises cultural events regularly and also has a library and a cafeteria. It offers translation and interpreting services.  Alliance française of Kathmandu was created in the same way as each of the 1081 Alliances françaises around the world: from the will of local Francophiles who simply want, under a quality-label, to promote in their country a language and a culture that they love.  Alliance française differs from cultural organisations in other countries by a particular mission: promoting, not only the culture of a country, but the “cultural diversity.” In a global world where the ways of life and the ways of thinking tend to become standardized, where culture finally becomes a marketable product like any other, the Alliances françaises continue to offer a cultural alternative.

About Nepal Economic Forum:

Nepal Economic Forum is a not-for-profit organization that functions as Nepal’s premier private sector led economic policy and research institution Neftalk is a platform for policy discourse and discussion on pertinent economic issues.

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